Mustangs of the West, finished recording our album!

Producer Mark Howard, who has worked with so many of my favorite artists including Lucinda Williams & Emmylou Harris, produced the new MUSTANGS OF THE WEST album. We recorded at Henson Recording Studios in LA (the old A&M Records--amazing recording room!). I have to say, this was one of the musically happiest times of my life. I feel so so lucky to be part of Blue √Član Records, Kirk Pasich's dream of a label, one that nurtures artists and was born of a love of music. It's been a remarkable two years of endings and beginnings: so challenging, and so laugh- out-loud exhilarating too. I am blessed to play music with Sherry Rayn Barnett, Holly Montgomery, Aubrey Richmond and Suzanne Morissette Cruz. I'm so proud of the songs on this record; there are some that are so personal, and yet I had to write them and release them out of me and into the world. We'll be doing more recording this summer, special collaborations for the label, and then look for some singles in the fall and the album out early next year. And you'll see us around! Happy Independence Day, Suzanna