Suzanna Spring sounds like California. That’s really the only way to put it. She spent her formative years as a songwriter on the left coast, and you can hear the influences of the Eagles and Jackson Browne all over her songs. The one thing she has that all of those guys are missing is an angelic and fragile voice that sounds like the heartache and longing in her songs.” - Dan Harr

muse: nashville

Sun Salutations in the late-afternoon sun. Hawks soaring high above. A light breeze cooling down the day while gentle drumming keeps the tempo. Around me, 60 yogis, woman and men, arch into Up Dog, faces radiant as they gaze skyward. Such was the idyllic scene at the recent Mind, Body, Spirit and Wine event at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, California. Leading us through the practice was the lovely Suzanna Spring from Cosmic Dog Yoga studios. And co-teaching on this perfect autumn day was Yogadork, the delightful and prolific New York yoga blogger and teacher. The event marked the confluence of passions for yogin-winemaker Karl Wente, whose love of the practice is something of local legend. Around the winery, Wente is known for his spontaneous expressions of asana, busting out an arm balance to make a point or kicking into headstand when too-long tasting sessions start to dull his senses. Yoga, he says, makes him a better winemaker, helping to cultivate the Beginner's Mind that allows him to approach each wine anew, fully experiencing every nuance. Watch Wente discuss his yoga-and-winemaking philosophy here. Pairing yoga with wine is a relatively new trend that stirs some debate in yoga circles. But on this day, yogis flush from fresh air and asana happily sampled the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Syrah Wente had chosen for a post-class tasting. Whether or not you agree with mixing your yoga with wine, it's hard not to like outdoor yoga. Your inhalations feel deeper; the exhales extend further. Reach for the sky; bow to the earth. No walls, no boundaries. Practicing under an autumn-blue sky, surrounded by grapevines? A votre sante!” - Kelle Walsh

— Yoga Journal

Suzanna Spring, a sweet-voiced singer-songwriter who’s just now getting the first of what ought to be many Music Row cuts...” - Jon Weisberger


The DISCovery Award goes to Suzanna Spring for a CD that's 'country' in all the right places. Somewhere over there in the arrow-of-truth zone of Emmylou Harris, she has an eye-opening vocal honesty....Somebody give this lady a deal." -ROBERT K. OERMANN, Music Row Magazine” - Robert K. Oermann

— Music Row Magazine

Every track here is a winner, starting with SHE'S GOT YOUR HEART, a rural portrait of romantic entanglement that sets the tone for an album full of keen insights about universal relationship issues. If you only buy one album this year, make it this one." -Alan Cackett, Maverick Magazine” - Alan Cackett, editor

— Maverick Music Magazine

I shouldn't fall in love with singers like Suzanna Spring...but I did--nice voice, cool arrangements, warm lyrics, open fire kinda songs..." -EVERT WILBRINK, Corazong” - Evert Wilbrink

— Corazong Records

I heard Suzanna Spring & Ghosttown at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe. Maybe I should confess a bias: I hear in this band some of the influences I had growing up in California: Eagles, Poco and Fleetwood Mac...two-part harmony like Buckingham-Nicks, except Suzanna's voice has a sweet, smooth quality not unlike Emmylou Harris...The songs tip a hat to Music Row with hummable melodies and catchy choruses, but there is a lyrical depth not often heard here in Hitsville. They have the edginess of sweet balladry of folk...spirited stuff, this Ghosttown." -STEVE KEY, StorySong Concerts” - Steve Key

— StorySong Concerts

One set with Suzanna will convert you for life, hearing her seamlessly blend influences ranging from Tom Petty to Emmylou Harris. Once her CD "She's Got Your Heart" finds its way into your CD player, it'll never leave. Better pick up two copies before you head home.” - Mark Wehner

— Americana Tonight